Video Search Engine Optimization, Google 2.0 and Accelerating Your Video SEO Strategy

With Google releasing the new Universal Search into the traditional search engine keyword results, it’s important for small businesses to leverage as many vertical search technologies as possible when considering their search engine optimization strategy, including the use of video content. Fresh from my notes on SES NY’s Video Search Engine Optimization Tips and Information, understanding how to optimize your video content for Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video and other video search channels not only gives you a better opportunity for visibility in those channels, but possibly for Google Search as well. For more information on the new Google functionality, Search Engine Land provides a very comprehensive look, as well as how video search results will be incorporated into the traditional Google interface.

Here are some additional search result screenshots I found this evening, the first two of popular music singles on today’s pop charts and the third referencing a fairly generic keyword, yet for a fairly well known brand name.

Search: Avril Lavigne Girlfriend

Search: Linkin Park: What I've Done

Search: Coke Commercial

Final Thought:
If you are thinking that video search is something that will be going away, or something that will not be hitting mainstream media, consider the news this morning regarding the Blinkx IPO on the London Stock Exchange. User demand for video search is well on it’s way.


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