Two Easy-to-Use Tools For Creating Social Bookmarking Links and Icons

It almost seems like the most popular blogs are “too cool” to include social bookmarking widgets on their websites, but I still like playing around with all of the different tools and plugins that are out there for blog authors and webmasters. In the never ending search for interesting widgets, here are two easy-to-use tools for creating social bookmarking links. – Sociable WordPress Plugin offers a plugin specific to WordPress blogs that allows the author to add social bookmarking link icons to all of their posts, pages and resources. The best part about it is that there is almost zero need for coding experience or HTML knowledge.

The “Sociable” plugin can simply be uploaded to your to your “plugins” directory and activated in the Plugins menu of your WordPress administrative panel. The great thing about the plugin is that you can choose where you want your icons to appear (home page, individual posts, pages etc) and what specific icons you actually want to show. For example, if you only want and Digg icons to appear, you can simply uncheck any of the other social media sites from being visible to users. If at a later date you decide that Netscape if an appropriate social media site to incorporate, it’s as easy as re-checking the Netscape icon in the plugin administration in order to make it visible for your readers.

Screenshot of the Plugin Options Panel
Plugin Administrative Panel

Screenshot of the Social Media Icons when activated
Social Media Icons originally on

TopRank Social Bookmarking Tool
I was searching around the web looking for some information on bookmarks when I happened to stumble upon (pun intended) TopRank’s Social Bookmarking Tool. Similar to the Sociable Plugin, TopRank’s tool allows users to check/uncheck the desired social media websites that they want to link to and then the tool generates the appropriate HTML code for placement on a blog or web page. The tool will also generate a drop-down menu as well, in the event that you want your user options to look a bit more unique. The only think I wish you could do is automatically add icons for the applicable social media websites as well, but if you are familiar with HTML, it’s an easy additional step to create this functionality.

Screenshot of TopRank’s Social Bookmarking Tool
TopRank's Social Bookmarking Tool


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