Top 10 Most Influential Blog Posts for 2009

While 2009 was a tumultuous year for many, I look back at 2009 as a year of considerable success and growth. Even though last year had its own significant challenges and losses, they stood only to accentuate the high points and achievements.

I spent less time blogging in 2009, continuing a trend from the year before. I cut RSS subscriptions, funneling information through social media channels instead. Professional commitments, additional responsibilities, and other interests took up more of my time. But as the year moved on, professional curiosity moved back into the blogosphere and blogging in general.

Top 10 Most Influential Blog Posts for 2009
So continuing a (what might just be a biennial) trend started in 2007, here’s a look at 10 blog posts that I found to be incredibly valuable and influential for me professionally and personally (organized by date published). It’s by no means authoritative and absolutely subjective to where I am or have been in my endeavors. That said, I hope you can find value in these blog posts as well.

  1. Search Engine Ranking Factors 2009SEOmoz
    Not as much a blog post as it is a collaboration of opinion and experience from search marketing experts across the globe. However I don’t think a week goes by that I fail to reference this work and will continue to do so for as long as I’m part of the industry and SEOmoz continues to publish yearly updates.
  2. The Missing Google Analytics ManualFutureNow
    Google Analytics is by far the web reporting tool of choice for most small businesses and sole proprietors. Bryan Eisenberg’s comprehensive list is a must-have bookmark for internet marketers using Google Analytics for their online business.
  3. 10 Lessons From a Failed StartupVentureBeat
    There was a lot for me to take personally from Mark Goldenson’s 10 lessons learned, even though our situations are quite different. If you’re a small business owner or thinking about starting a business venture, many of these lessons are worth remembering and reflecting upon.
  4. The State of PR, Marketing, and Communications: You are the Future
    Brian Solis
    I don’t know how Brian Solis was able to write so much so well. While I am not a PR professional our worlds interconnect in many ways and there is (potentially) tremendous value to what can be learned from those with proven success and experience in related industries. Note that there is a document version as well.
  5. The Power of The UnexpectedOutspoken Media
    Fantastic video and important lesson. I probably directly shared this post and video with at least a hundred people myself. Worth revisiting whenever you need a breath of fresh air while stuck in the daily grind.
  6. Surviving and Thriving as an Ecommerce SEOEverett Sizemore
    I only have a bit of experience with large, B2C ecommerce sites but if I ever needed a starting point for reference on SEO strategy, this would be it. This article hits so many important points that even SEO’s working in different business models should be able to find value.
  7. Five Attributes of Being an ExpertConversation Agent
    I stumbled across Conversation Agent sometime in mid-2009 (probably ignoring several well respected individuals recommendations) and am glad to have found it. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I do have high expectations for myself and company, professionally speaking and while this may not be one of Valeria Maltoni’s best posts, it’s one of the many that stood out for me.
  8. What it Takes to Be an Overnight SuccessChris Brogan
    It doesn’t seem that long ago that I met Chris Brogan at at SEO Meetup at Panera Bread years back. I immediately knew then how hard Chris was working and credit him for really getting me interested in all aspects of social media, beyond blogging and bookmarking/news sites. This post clearly illustrates what it’s taken for Chris Brogan to get where he is; I keep it for reference for the times I’ll need that extra assistance pushing forward.
  9. A Shift to Online Business Management ConsultingStuntdubl
    Todd Malicoat hits a home run with his last post for 2009. The first of two must read posts for SEO professionals contemplating their future and the future of search engine optimization in general.
  10. Is SEO Science or Art?SEO
    Aaron Wall saved the best for last with this post, summarizing a lot of what is right and wrong in the SEO industry. The second must read for SEO professionals reflecting on their future. It’s worth noting that if I wrote this post in mid-December (like I should have), this SEO Book post would have been the one to make this list.
  11. Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009Techipedia
    Since this post was written in 2010, maybe it does not technically “count” but since I’m just finishing up my own reflections on 2009, I might as well include the best resource for 2009’s top internet marketing posts as well.

Wrapping Up 2009
Unlike years past, I was actually able to finish a lot of what I started. Which either means I was more effective or needed to start more things :-) I’m looking forward to 2010 with my head up and ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

I certainly appreciate and thank all of the people whom helped me along the way as well as those subscribed to Cape Cod SEO and have contributed their thoughts, comments and feedback to the posts written.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors in the upcoming new year!

– Derek Edmond


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