The Time May Be Running Out on Your SEO Strategy

The one competitive SEO advantage small business owners still have is speed.

The small business owner should take heed of’s recent post, The Day All Large Companies “Got It”. There are distinct advantages that larger companies have only begun to realize when it pertains to a search engine optimization strategy.

Just like the retail giants Wal-Mart, Blockbuster or the Home Depot moved into a community and force small storefronts to closed their doors, the same may happen to the keyword strategies the online business holds, when big business makes online marketing (not just SEO) a priority.

Some of the general advantages big businesses have:

  • Larger spending budgets
  • A larger workforce or ability to hire a workforce
  • Greater ability to hire specialists or raw talent
  • Already developed traditional marketing channels

These often translate to specific SEO advantages such as:

  • Creation of links through sponsorships, public relations and mainstream news coverage
  • Greater capacity for content creation and web development
  • Domain strength and access to additional domains and/or website properties
  • Budget to attend conferences, network with professionals and reach out to other SEO professionals for advice or even contract work

Where does this leave the small business owner?
The major disadvantage big business will face is in the layers of management and decision making processes. Whereas the small business owner can simply act, a larger company has more stakeholders to account for. Decision making on technology, channel development and communication is usually slower, with more management involved and analysis required.

Small business owners need to think about their major strategic advantages.

  • Faster decision making ability
  • Greater flexibility for adapting to an ever changing technological environment
  • Immediate communication without restriction – online and offline

In general, speed of action is how the small business will maintain their competitive advantage in their search engine optimization strategy.

The Final Factor to Consider
The final, most important variable that must be considered and favors big business is time. Time is running out on those that fail to make the decision or act on the strategies in front of them.

The longer you delay in crafting your SEO strategy – building content, building links, participating in the online communities your customers are a part of – the greater the chance your competitors will find and act instead. SEO is challenging enough without big business making it a priority; what will happen to your SEO strategy when they actually do?

For more detail, opinion and recommendations on how small businesses can still take advantage of their opportunities in search, make sure to check out two posts related to this discussion.


4 Responses to “The Time May Be Running Out on Your SEO Strategy”

  1. Web Hosting on December 11th, 2008 6:15 am

    nice article. Haven’t heard and discussed such variable in seo industry.

    I totally agree with you that small seo companies are really fast in there processes, but the big business companies have there network of websites already ready, which helps them to interlink with each other very fast and help in increase of PR of there site, as they interlink to sites of there relative nature.

    But naturally, they cannot forget small seo companies, and often rely on them for some of there task.

  2. Derek Edmond: Search Blogger of the Day | SEO Scoop on December 26th, 2008 6:47 am

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  3. Photo Calendar Guy on December 26th, 2008 1:18 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Small businesses have the definite advantage of speed (if we take advantage of it). As the Big guys join the party with better skill, we must adopt a mindset of create,optimize, next. We must engage multiple web properties for visibility as well. The bureaucratic red tape is definitely their weakness. Procrastination is ours.

  4. Rafael Montilla on December 26th, 2008 6:13 pm


    A lot of small business owners do not understand what is SEO or just Internet Marketing and on to of that there are so many Web design companies offering SEO Service that does not know any thing about SEO.