The Impact of Digg on Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Yesterday, the folks at Pronet Advertising, long known for the expertise in social media marketing asked the question: “How Do You Get Your Diggs?“. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of savvy ways that website owners can gather Diggs (for submissions made of their website content) but a question asked by many small business owners (unfamiliar with social media) is “why this service should matter from an SEO perspective?”. Let’s take a look at 5 of the top stories on today’s Digg Home Page to understand how the “Digg Effect” can be valuable for search engine optimization.

The main goals I want to illustrate immediately are:

  • Traffic potential – comparing the screenshots I created that highlight when I found the post (at approximate 2:45 PM EST) and the amount of Diggs each post received upon my completion of this post (at approximately 6:15 PM EST)
  • Link potential in relation to popular social bookmarking sites (in this case, primarily StumbleUpon and and Yahoo Inbound Link counts already recorded.

Keep in mind that all Digg submissions provide for one quick inbound link (from of course), but that alone provides little value in enhancing your SEO strategy. It’s the volume of traffic, inbound links and bookmarks that make it important for search engine optimization.

5 Digg Submissions That Made The Digg Home Page

Defense against Ancient Virus Opened Door to HIV

The article was written in Scientific America ( yesterday in relation to the discovery of a protein that actually makes us more vulnerable to the HIV virus. Dugg over 22 hours ago, the article currently has received:

  • 3 Positive Reviews on StumbleUpon
  • 6 Inbound Links already found in Yahoo

5 Things No Man Wants To Hear Ever…From a Woman

Humor and sarcasm can definitely work, as evidenced by this post making fun at things men do not like to hear from a woman. It can work even better if it solicits a dramatic amount of comments and discussion throughout the submission (note that when a web page gets to the front page, expect some of the best and worst comments. It’s very much recommended to follow the discussion, because you can learn a lot from the community and information offered)

  • 2 “Likes” and 1 Positive Review on StumbleUpon
  • 6 Inbound Links already found in Yahoo

101 Essential Freelancing Resources

The actual Digg submission title lists 126 resources – so either the blogger decided to add additional material, or they just counted inaccurately (compiling more than 100 different resources definitely took some time to organize). Either way, lists of quality information can often do well as Digg submissions, and they’re easy to digest and read when considering blog and article formatting.

  • Over 40 “Likes” and 11 Positive Reviews on StumbleUpon
  • Over 8,000 Inbound Links, according to Yahoo

2 Submissions Directly Related to Digg
If there is an opportunity to write something of quality on a website about/or related to Digg, there is a better chance that it will do well, in some circumstances. There’s no gaurantees of course, but it’s not abnormal to see “Digg” related posts appearing on the Popular pages of the site.

View All Comments on Digg

A tool for viewing comments made on a Digg. In addition to links and bookmarks, the tool has already been installed in over 600 places thus far (after being promoted to the home page less than 2 hours ago).

  • 2 “Likes” and 1 Positive Review on StumbleUpon
  • No Yahoo Links (As of Yet)

Why The Same Content Again and Again?

This Digg related post from Pronet was not on the home page, but was already at 80 Diggs when I came across it. It’s interesting to note that this was around 2:30 PM (EST). It was made popular a bit after I came across it and had 358 Diggs in less than one hour!

Tracking the Popularity Change in “Diggs”
In the time it took me to write, compile and organize the guts of this blog posts, here are the up-to-date Digg numbers for the 5 Digg Submissions (approximately 3.5 hours).

While the Digg Effect will be different for each submission, take note that the last post received a tremendous amount of traffic (Diggs) as soon as it jumped to the Home Page. Also, note the tremendous amount of popularity to the humorous post on 15 Things… (make certain to cater to the demographic that plays in Digg). BTW – 24 more bookmarks to that post have been added since I started this post as well. Finally, submissions that get placed on the Digg Home Page usually end up getting found on popular sites like these as well:

Going Forward With This Post
I hope this post has generated a bit of an understanding on the amount of potential traffic that can be realized by a successful Digg submission (of course we would need log reports to be able to fully realize total traffic referrals). It’s important to remember that inbound links are generated by the amount of traffic and exposure (from being seen on the Digg Home Page). There are very few other methods for achieving the volume of links through one single channel as through gaining popularity in social media sites like Digg.


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