Six Great Photos of Ocean Sunsets and Views on Cape Cod

One of the reasons to be on Cape Cod is, of course, the love of the ocean. It’s easy to find yourself sitting at Skaket Beach, enjoying a quiet lunch with the sound of the ocean by your side. In addition, being able to find the time to enjoy watching a sunset or sunrise on the ocean is a pleasant escape from the pulls and tugs of the everyday rat race.

Here are six great photographs of ocean views and sunsets from different areas of Cape Cod.

Sunset in Osterville in the Town of Barnstable, MA
Britton W Crosby’s peaceful picture of the sunset in Osterville. One of many pictures and resources found on this website, highlighting the Fire Departments on Cape Cod.

Sunset in Osterville
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A View From Chapoquoit Beach in Falmouth
The Beach Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast is tucked away on a quiet lane in the village of West Falmouth, Cape Cod.

Chapoquoit Beach in Falmouth
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Ocean View of Chatham Harbor
A female seagull crests above the bluff at Chatham Light on a gray winter day. This is an amazing photograph mixing the various elements of nature found on the Cape. My Chatham is an online guide of Chatham, MA, featuring a bit of everything around and about the town.

Chatham Light on Chatham Harbor
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Family Photography of North Truro’s Beaches and Sunsets
Excellent photographs taken in 2003 of North Truro, which emphasize the peacefulness and beauty of the Outer Cape.

Sunset at North Truro Beach
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Bank Street Beach in Harwich Port
Michael J. B. Kelly started a project of photographing the Villages of Harwich in 2000, the photos he has made to date form the base of a ongoing collection of images. I find this photo of the Bank Street Beach amazing in terms of color, contrast and power (a sunrise, not a sunset). You can purchase his photographs on his website, or at Wychmere Book and Coffee in Harwich Port.

Bank Street Beach in Harwich Port
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Winter Sunset at Rock Harbor
Finally, an amazing photograph of Rock Harbor in Orleans, MA I found on Flickr. It just goes to show you that some of the best sunsets, images and views of the Cape can be found just as easily in the winter months.

Rock Harbor in Orleans
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