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Google Encrypted Search: Measuring the Impact One Year Later

Last week, KoMarketing Associates coveredstudy released by Optify, which revealed that organic search terms returning “not provided” keyword results have risen to 39 percent; this change represents a 171 percent growth since last year. The study covered traffic associated with 424 B2B sites.

Nearly a year removed from Google’s announcement that the search engine would encrypt search referral information for logged-in users, this data should be alarming to B2B marketers seeking to better understand how lead opportunities are released on their website.

Traffic patterns from our client base are similar.

6 Underrated Content Marketing Assets For B2B SEO

One of the biggest obstacles to B2B search engine optimization is developing new content marketing assets for targeting important keywords and acquiring link assets. While our organization has seen this in client relationships throughout the years, this degree of difficulty was further supported by industry peers in the 2012 MarketingSherpa Search Engine Marketing Report.

Even though there are many excellent research tools available for finding new content marketing ideas, sometimes the best resources are right under the B2B marketer’s nose. Here are six underrated content marketing assets and how they can be leveraged more effectively for B2B SEO.

Question SEO Tactics That Don’t Involve Strategic Marketing

A client emailed me this weekend with a message about a potential guest blogger for their website. The blogger’s proposal was written concisely, the objective clearly stated, and the message illustrated a basic understanding of the client’s website initiatives. However, we turned the guest blogger down because the individual’s experience did not reflect any affiliation or relationship (direct or indirect) with the organization’s industry and market.

About a week ago, Matt Cutts addressed the issue of guest blogging for links in a Webmaster Tools Video. While Cutts acknowledged the value in building out a search presence through guest blogging, he stressed that this can also be taken to extremes. Marketers who look to do the “bare minimum” for writing requirements, or who simply outsource post creation, will not find similar value in terms of search engine presence.

12 Perspectives on How SEO Can Better Support PR & Communications

As Google continues to update its search engine technology, the requirements associated to gaining good keyword placement in search results, have become more difficult to attain. Industry relevance, influence, and brand trust all play a factor.

Social media has a greater impact on search engine optimization (SEO) as well, both on the website and pointing to the website. SEO professionals need to identify and network with key influencer’s in their client’s target markets, to develop trust, mentions, and links.

PR and marketing communications teams are key participants and often the owners of the messaging strategy for an organization. The best links, social media visibility, and relationships online, are won when PR and SEO combine forces.

In an effort to gain better perspective on this opportunity, I asked 12 PR and communications professionals on how B2B SEO can better support their effort. Here are some of their perspectives on this topic.

9 Key Points & Action Items from BtoB Magazine’s Social Media Report

BtoB Social Media MarketingAs B2B marketers work on refining 2012 strategic marketing initiatives, social media has become a central focus. Advances in search engine algorithms bring social media in focus for link acquisition and as a potential signal of trust for engines. The emergence of a converged media imperative ties the value of user generated content (social shares, organic reviews, etc.) to the overall marketing mix through performance benchmarks in advertising and brand development initiatives.

BtoB Magazine‘s latest report on B2B social media marketing provides further support and insight into the strategies, applications, and challenges marketers face. While the first step is developing a solid social media plan, there is more to it than just organization planning. Here are 9 key insights and action items I found while reviewing the B2B social media marketing report.

How Search Marketers Can Develop A Better Social Media Plan This Fall

As B2B marketers assess the strengths and weaknesses of their SEO programs so far this year, the relationship with social media marketing must come into focus. As I wrote in a column last year, 66% of organizations with a formal SEO process were integrating social media into their overall SEO strategy. But social media plays an even larger role for B2B marketing strategy than SEO support.

Concepts Every SEO Needs To Know In Today’s Internet Marketing Environment

In a recent Forbes article, the the popular, SEO is Dead / Death of SEO topic took center stage. The article highlighted how questionable SEO tactics (particularly for link building) will no longer be valid. Marketers need to focus on creating truly great content, which in turn earns the right to be shared and searched for.

The problem with the article’s hypothesis was that it was based on an assumption that SEO tactics only use shortcuts for success. My perspective is that SEO is more than a series of shortcuts, but an evolving Internet marketing discipline.

Regardless of what perspective you hold, one thing is true: B2B SEO requires greater integration with multiple marketing specialties.

6 Critical Action Items SEOs Need to Consider With Converged Media

Last week, Altimeter Group published its report “The Converged Media Imperative,” which explores how paid, owned, and earned media can join together to become a disruptive force in digital marketing strategy.

Converged media represents the utilization of two or more channels (paid, owned, and earned media) working in concert and enabling brands to reach their target audience regardless of channel, medium, or device.

3 Lead Generation Challenges Search Marketers Must Overcome

B2B search engine marketing performance is based as much on lead generation as it is on traffic, keyword visibility, and production. As B2B organizations become more competent in digital marketing strategy, lead quality becomes just as important as lead quantity.

It should not be a surprise that fewer form field requirements generate a greater volume of lead opportunities, as visitors do not usually like to give up more information than they have to.

However, fewer requirements may compromise the quality of leads generated. This poses a challenge for B2B marketers.

The Death of SEO? The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

The Death of SEO. That is the title of the Forbes article forwarded to me this weekend proclaiming SEO will be dead in the near distant future. The sensationalism created by this title is repeated with almost every major Google update in the past half decade, yet SEO continues to be a significant tactic for driving leads in B2B marketing.

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