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5 Critical Components of Successful B2B SEO Content Marketing Execution

Content marketing is a critical component of effective B2B marketing programs, and B2B search engine marketing in particular.

According to data from the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report, a coordinated effort between MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers are spending 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, up from 26 percent last year. 91 percent of B2B respondents were engaged in content marketing in some capacity. In other words, if your organization is not invested in content marketing, you are well behind the curve in today’s B2B marketing environment.

A Case Study In B2B SEO Keyword Analysis

A few weeks back, Dr. Peter J. Meyers (“Dr Pete“) wrote a post on SEOmoz about the average position in the browser screen a number-one ranking in Google appears. It is an interesting piece of research, and I recommend reviewing it.

My two key takeaways were:

  • More Google-specific features, such as advertising and local results, are taking up real estate in Google search results pages.
  • Search marketers need to be looking beyond keyword visibility reports and what is actually displayed in search results for primary keyword targets.

8 Questions B2B SEO’s Should Ask In Buyer Persona Development

A few weeks back I wrote a column for Search Engine Land on B2B buyer personas. In exploring the persona concept, it further supported my opinion that for SEO to truly be effective for the B2B organization, SEO needs to run hand-in-hand with traditional B2B marketing initiatives.

In this post, I want to discuss how B2B SEO discovery can be integrated into buyer persona development, in turn creating a more effective search engine optimization strategy in the long run.

What B2B SEOs Need To Know About Buyer Personas

While buyer personas (user personas) are an established concept in broader B2B marketing discussions, it has taken on new life in recent years. The shift organizations are making to a digital marketing strategy coupled with innovation in technology (should) allow Internet marketers the ability to deliver effective content marketing campaigns across segmented audiences or targeted groups.

Developing B2B buyer personas can be an essential part of this, since understanding the goals, needs, and limits of a buyer are important to crafting the right content needed for SEO and social media marketing. This column takes a look the development of buyer personas for B2B marketing and the impact SEO professionals should have on the process.

4 New Marketing Fundamentals Impacting the B2B SEO Professional

In Forrester Senior Analyst Anthony Mullen’s new report, “Emerging Touchpoints Require A Marketing Mind Shift“, he identifies four fundamentals marketers must realize, in order to succeed in today’s technology and information-rich environment. His article in Advertising Age discusses these fundamentals, which are:

  • Design is the New Marketing
  • Value is the Currency
  • Agents Broker Brand Relationships
  • People are the Regulators

Citing additional Forrester research, Mullen indicates that more than half of US online adults are already annoyed by the amount of advertising they see, and 37% would rather not be contacted by brands at all.

5 Key Preparation Steps in B2B Link Building Outreach

If you have ever been in an environment where sales and customer communication comes at you at a rapid pace (think call center, inside sales, etc) than you understand how important product or solution expertise is. You also understand the luxury of preparation. Call center environments require you to react very quickly to customer information and it’s in product expertise that more productive communication can be made.

B2B Link Building OutreachThe same thing applies with link outreach, particularly when considering direct, B2B email link outreach. From the recipient (the link prospect) end, link requests might seem like an unending barrage of unwanted email, social media updates, or even IM messages. Your own product and solution knowledge is critical in communication as well.

But the key difference is that with link outreach (B2B or B2C), you have the ability to thoroughly prepare for the communication at hand (at least the initial steps). Preparation is critical. Here are five preparation steps I would recommend when it pertains to B2B link-related outreach.

25 Questions To Ask When Executing B2B Content Marketing Campaigns

With the new year upon us, search engine marketers are focused on putting the foundation together for campaign execution throughout 2013. Central among the strategies meant to deliver B2B SEO results will be content marketing.

Just in time for preparation in the new year, MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute launched their 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report, looking at budgets, benchmarks, and trends to watch for with B2B content marketing.

As I reviewed the report, a few key takeaways were important to me, as it pertains to B2B SEO programs we’re launching this year. After a recap of those takeaways, I’ve included my suggested checklist of questions to ask at every stage of a content marketing campaign.

How Link Building Management Will Change in 2013 & Beyond

We are experiencing a significant shift in the SEO landscape which started early last year and will continue to evolve. As search engines become more aggressive in dealing with links meant only to manipulate search engine rankings, SEO’s reliant on short-sighted link building strategies are suffering mightily.

How Link Building in 2013 and Beyond
As uncovered in a recent news article on our site, Search Engine Roundtable ran a poll asking whether webmasters effected by Google’s Penguin update had recovered from the damage. 81% of the 500+ respondents claimed no recovery.

3 Ways B2B SEOs Can Keep on Winning in 2013

With the New Year comes the temptation to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. However, New Year’s resolutions might imply that what you were doing last year was wrong. What about all the thing B2B SEOs did that were right.

As highlighted in a recent eMarketer article, an August 2012 study by Demandbase and Ziff Davis indicated that SEO was the top online marketing tactic used by B2B marketers. This was only narrowly ahead of social media and content marketing – two tactics that certainly augment and help improve overall B2B SEO if done in coordination.

How To Build A Better SEO Strategy In 2013

It’s the last week of 2012. If you’re reading this column, you are forsaking at least a bit of much needed rest for some serious B2B SEO planning in 2013. For me, the few days ahead are about research, preparation, and getting milestones in place for client initiatives (and probably finishing one or two or three outstanding commitments as well).

The tactics designed to support your B2B SEO plan most likely include content marketing, third-party link outreach, and social media development, as well as a few enhancements related to Web development. It’s one thing to know these are the important tactics to execute, but it is another to figure out where to find inspiration for execution.

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