More Information on Google Maps for Local Business Listings

I just updated my Google Maps information and if small businesses are not using this free service (especially in situations where local/regional relevance matters), than they are missing out on a great opportunity. I wrote a post documenting the general process for business owners to submit information to Google Maps before, so I’m writing this post as a logical extension, highlighting the process of updating business information.

Updating Your Google Maps Submission
For whatever reason, Google has decided that my business name is “untitled“, which probably is an issue when it pertains to click-thru rates and the overall brand awareness of my company. Since I changed my mailing address the other day as well, it made sense to go into my account and make some edits.

When the user logs into their Google Maps account, they need to click the link (at the lower left-hand side) which states “Add or Edit your business – Learn More” (see screenshot below). I personally found that to be a poor user experience, but that is probably because they figure the majority of Google Maps users will use the service for other reasons. There are a couple of key features that I briefly want to list, which add further value to the business listings service:

  • It’s possible to bulk upload business listings, which can be especially valuable for businesses with multiple locations or storefronts.
  • Google also provides high level impression data, showcasing how many impressions your business listing had in the last 30 days.

Screenshot of Google Maps login screen
Google Maps

I needed to edit my business mailing information, so I proceeded to edit my listing. Google offers two options for verifying your changes: a standard postcard mailing or a quick phone call. I chose the phone verification and here is a quick synopsis of the ease of use with the system.

Phone Verification

  • The user states whether they want to be called now or 5 minutes from now (I chose “Now”)
  • Be wary that Now really means NOW and that means that you have to have immediate access to the business listings number that have for your company information. If the phone connected to that number is not immediately available, I recommend “waiting 5 minutes”.
  • The web page displays a verification code, which is needed for submission via an automated system (that is calling).
  • Once the verification code is entered, the web page refreshes and confirms your submission. Google states that there is a 4 week delay in business listings updates, but the business listing information indicates that the submission is “awaiting updates”.

The entire process of updating information took less than 5 minutes of time and the phone verification was instantaneous (like I said above, there is approximately a four week waiting process for approvals. I highly recommend that small businesses (especially those that are closely correlated to regional/local search habits) spend the time to get their business listed with Google Maps, it’s a free service that is easy to use and takes little time away from everyday business operations (and it’s free, in case you missed that).


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