Learn SEO Through Video and Other Interesting Tools

While I’ve been aware of Aaron Wall and his website, SEOBook for quite a while, I can’t say that I had really been a regular reader until recently (even though I have been using a few SEOBook tools for well over the past year or so now). That being said, anyone interested in “SEO” in general, should have the SEOBook.com RSS feed in their reader.

At 10PM on Sunday, when I should be watching television with my wife, I am instead taking a look at about a dozen threads and articles of interest that I’ve found on the web. Among the best I’m reading (and not because they are new, but because I am so far behind in my reading):

  • How to Make your Readers Look Good: Change your MyBlogLog style – I just created a first run for my blog and will probably make some adjustments soon – but I’ve been looking for this type of tutorial in recent weeks.
  • How to Use StumbleUpon for Your Business: The Definitive Guide – Tamar Weinberg’s quick tutorial on StumbleUpon, and getting started with this social media tool
  • Mining User Queries to Extract Information From Web Pages – SEO By The Sea has great threads on search technology and SEO. I wish I could read this more often. This post talks about Google’s interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how they may be able to create a “better search”
  • 7 Opportunities for “New School” SEO – Another blog I don’t read much and should, but Todd Malicoat’s post on new SEO ideas are definitely ideas I’ve been thinking about in recent months. I’m glad they are thought about in larger circles.
  • On that note: Nick Wilson’s thread on “How Blogs and Social Media can Help Your Company gain Targeted Traffic and Better Search Engine Rankings” is a nice introductory piece on social media. And I definitely have made (hopefully honest) mistakes in the past.
  • Finally, SEO Video Tutorials compiled by Aaron Wall at SEOBook.com. Great information, whether you are looking for indepth information or introductory lessons on PPC, SEO and the like, and the list includes videos from Matt Cutts, Dan Theis and Aaron Wall – talking about his keyword research tool on the site, which I discussed in a previous post.

Back to SEOBook, and I know this post is sounding like I have a tremendous “man crush” on the guy, but you definitely can find a great series of tools, resources and material on SEO and SEM on the site. Even the “About Page” contains a ton of resources that can fill about a week of work-day reading. But the immediate thing that rang out to me, while skimming that page is this, on general SEO theory:

“I don’t think you have to spend lots of money if you are willing to work hard and/or come up with fundamentally unique, creative, and useful ideas.”

I definitely agree with this philosophy, and more importantly, think that this is the idea that small businesses need to come to terms with when thinking about integrating a search engine marketing strategy into their traditional business practices.


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