Keyword Popularity Indicator – How Many Ads Do You See?

Here is a quick tip on determining how popular a particular keyword may be: How many advertisers are being displayed on Google or Yahoo when the search results appear?

If I owned a hotel on the lower Cape and had a website, I need to consider what the best opportunities are for my website to be seen by users online searching for hotels, or places to stay on the Cape. Here are some initial thoughts:

Without even using software tools that give website owners estimates on keyword search volume or predictions on clicks per day or month, the search results give us some indication of the popularity, based on the amount of competition out there, vying to be seen. If you compare the first two keyword phrases, “Cape Cod Hotel” and “places to stay on the Cape”, there are over 10 advertisers on the first search term results page and zero advertisers on the second. We can reasonably predict that optimizing our website for the term, “Cape Cod Hotels” will be more productive in the long-term.

However, a hotel on the lower Cape should also consider the type of traffic they want to generate as well, especially if they are one of the advertisers paying to be listed on Google’s PPC Program. It may not make sense to advertise, or optimize for “Cape Cod Hotel” if it is extremely expensive and the bulk of visitors are looking for hotels in Hyannis or Falmouth etc.

Perhaps the term, “Orleans MA hotel” is more appropriate (if your hotel is in Orleans, MA). With 4 advertisers, there seems to be a little bit of volume related to this specific keyword search and you know that users seeing your website will be more targeted, because they are definitively looking for accommodations in Orleans, MA. Without software or additional tools, we’ve begun doing keyword research on what terms are more effective than others, in terms of volume and relevance.

Keep in mind, this is not an optimal solution as it relates to keyword research and implementing a complete keyword strategy, but it gets you in the right direction. Remember, if you see a large number of advertisements when you search for a particular keyword or phrase, it probably means that there is a higher amount of search volume associated with it.


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