Tips on How To Get Listed in Search Engines – Here’s What They Say

Are you stumbling around online, trying to figure out the answers to why you are not ranking well in Google, Yahoo or MSN? (The Big Three, in terms of market share) Have you come across numerous blog posts, forums, website articles and resources giving you recommendations but are not sure of how valid or reputable the sources are?

Here are important links from the search engines themselves that discuss factors and variables necessary for getting indexed in each respective engine:

Google offers a webmaster help section that provides guidelines for effective site development designed to improve your website presence and technical efficiency.

Here are two links to comprehensive FAQ’s for organic search engine rankings and paid search marketing strategies from Yahoo:

MSN Search
Lastly, here are MSN’s recommendations that may help MSNBot and other web crawlers effectively index and rank your site, as well as a list of items and techniques to help make sure your site is indexed.


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