Having Fun With Blog Comment Spam

Defensio has a nice post explaining the new wave of comment spam some bloggers have seen and also provides reasons as to why these new tactics are being employed. The main strategy appears to be an attempt to get the IP of the blog spammer whitelisted; thereby allowing them to bypass spam filters in the future (and possibly dump outbound links to their favorite websites).

The first time I saw the following comment:

“This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title [INSERT TITLE OF BLOG POST HERE]. Thanks for informative article”

…I didn’t really think about it too much and simply let it go. There were no outbound links, the email address – while a Yahoo email account – seemed innocent enough, and it seemed to merely be a simple compliment.

A day later about a dozen more of these nice compliments began appearing, except this time, whomever was sending the comments accidentally lopped off the first letter of the title, so the identification of comment spam was much easier.

Unfortunately, I deleted a handful of good examples, but if I get a couple more I’ll add them to this post. In general, the comment looks like a simple compliment or rhetorical question, and whomever sends them is not smart enough to only send one. So if you are paying attention, you should see the pattern relatively quickly. Recently, they’ve gotten a bit more well written, but because the spam attempts to add more context to the comment, the subject matter is ambiguous at best.

Update – 10/4/2007:
I’ve noticed that since one of my individual posts is given an indented search result for “cape cod seo”, this is frequently the post that gets hit hardest with comment spam. Here’s another recent example:

“hey everyone,

i just joined and wanted to say hi.”

Again, a fairly innocuous yet complimentary message, which doesn’t seem to convey a real connection to the actual post.


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  1. geeurbie on October 6th, 2007 9:23 pm

    I don’t get the fun part!