Experimenting with Google Friend Connect

I’ve started paying attention to Google’s initiatives with the Social Web, particularly Google Friend Connect and the development of Google profile-related initiatives. Here’s a video that explains Friend Connect:

Social Networking and Google
Social networking was up 83% year over year in April 2009. Facebook alone commanded 13.9 billion minutes of our attention, up 700% from a year ago. It’s clear that social networking is a threat to Google online dominance. After all, Google’s primary revenue is through advertisements, which require users to stay on Google web properties. If users’ attention is somewhere else…

Enter Google Friend Connect
Simply speaking, Friend Connect allows site owners to give their visitors the opportunity for a greater degree of interaction (on the site), particularly for those who cannot afford or develop interactive capabilities. There is also a developer API for those with the requisite skills.

At the basic level, users can become “members” of a particular site or “community”. Additional applications (Google Gadgets) are being developed for comments, recommendations, ratings and more. You don’t necessarily need a Google profile to get involved, since Google Friend Connect works with a variety of services, including Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, orkut, and Plaxo.

My opinion is that as (or if) more sites adopt these types of programs, it provides the search engine with a greater understanding of how users value content and information, beyond traditional analytics and search behavior.

So if you are interested…
I’ve added the Friend Connect members gadget to Cape Cod SEO and I’ve love to gain your membership. There’s no strings attached (from Cape Cod SEO at least) and I’m not here to pitch, promote or sell anyone anything by joining with this application.

Joining the Cape Cod SEO community through Google Friend Connect is easy. Simply click the “Join This Site” icon in the left-hand navigation bar and sign in with your preferred service. As indicated above, you don’t even need a Google account to register.

I appreciate your participation and if you do join up and we meet at a conference or event in the future, let me know. The first drink will certainly be on my tab 😉


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