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How To Create Search Engine Friendly Websites

I’ve been reading Matt McGee’s Small Business SEM blog with greater frequency in recent months and recommend that other small business owners invest a few hours to take a look as well. In addition to some great posts on practical search engine optimization strategies for small businesses, Matt usually recaps the search engine related conferences that he is in attendance for (I actually found the Small Business SEM site while browsing Flickr for SES NY conference photos). His recent post, “How to SEO Your Site in Less Than 60 Minutes” gives website owners a nice checklist of things to look for when evaluating the “SEO Quality” of their website (or they’re competitors).

Prequel to the SEO Playbook – What To Do Before You Take The Red Pill

Over the past month, I’ve been having conversations with a few successful entrepreneurs in their own right, that have yet to make the jump to creating a complete website experience with search engine marketing as a core component of traffic and lead generation. They understand the importance of being visible in search engines – both through PPC and organic search results – and realize that there is a time commitment and a financial investment. I had been building a list of “must-read” website resources, so that these folks, and other small business owners, can get have their own initial dossier of web design, development and search engine marketing knowledge to apply in their own business environments.

Maintaining the Sex Appeal of Your Web Addresses

Why URL Rewrites and 301 Redirects Can Improve and Save Your Search Engine Visibility

Last Friday, Search Engine Journal published an article that referenced a Search Engine Watch case study, demonstrating the value of transitioning dynamic web addresses to static web addresses (URL’s). The organic traffic increase, over the next 4 months of reporting, showed a 50% improvement.

Does Professional Web Design Matter For SEO?

I often get asked the question or whether a professionally designed, robust website design will have a positive impact on search engine optimization. This is a fairly loaded question with no clear cut answer, but here are some factors that should be considered when factoring SEO into professional web design.

What is Your Definition of “Professional Web Design”?
Everything involved in this answer can be found as subjective but there are design-related issues that will help your SEO efforts as well as design techniques that have minimal immediate impact.

Positive SEO-Related Design Factors