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Two Points of Reference Related to Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Glossaries
Search Engine Land recently published a quick post highlighting SEO and SEM Related Glossaries for marketers, website owners and anyone else interested in the world of search engines and search engine marketing.

Page Tagging – Understated or Overrated?

In recent months, there has been a good deal of discussion related to basic SEO practices. In my opinion, part of the reason for the recent revival of basic SEO is because our strategies and practices have taken a variety of paths, specializations and tactical decisions. SEO can now combine strategies within technical web development, copywriting, public relations and general marketing strategy. I would argue that SEO should be a component of the complete, integrated marketing communication strategy.

A Definition to Search Engine Marketing

When I first started in the business of search engine marketing, I do not believe we were actually coining the term “search engine marketing”, as it is often talked about today. Danny Sullivan was the original leader in the discussion of a term called “search engine marketing” which he used as the umbrella for “the overall process of marketing a site on search engines. This includes submission, optimization, managing paid listings and more”. The original tutorials and topics introducing search engine marketing can be found in Search Engine Watch, which he left in 2006, and now writes and co-owns the resource, Search Engine Land, among other properties under Third Door Media.