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The Power of Niche Communities in Traffic Acquisition

The most underrated component of a social media strategy is the targeting of niche communities. I’m not sure why that is the case but have a few suspicions.

For one, success stories and buzz around popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc dominates the web. Niche communities are also harder to locate. In many cases, the initial traffic/networking value may seem poor in comparison to the time investment.

I’m a firm believer in finding your sweet spot in niche communities. Here are two examples from friends and colleagues.

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Brand Management in Search

A set of recommendations for ranking for your name in search engine results.
Search Results for "Derek Edmond"

As recent as a year or two ago, Google would list a map of “Edmond, Oklahoma” when you searched for “Derek Edmond“. It was annoying but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Even before Google finally realized my name should not be associated with “oil dereks in the Oklahoma area“, I was working on making sure the rest of the search results showed more “professional” information.

Is Twitter Making You a Lazy Blogger?

Apparently, I was a week behind with feeds in my RSS reader but did manage to read Lyndon Antcliff’s post on why he won’t tweet Rand Fishkin. If you’re suffering from writers block yet spending too much time on Twitter, perhaps you should read it as well.

Experimenting with Google Friend Connect

I’ve started paying attention to Google’s initiatives with the Social Web, particularly Google Friend Connect and the development of Google profile-related initiatives. Here’s a video that explains Friend Connect:

Social Networking and Google

Digg Broke Up With Me Last Week, But Now We’re Working Things Out

Getting Back Together
A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a nice relationship with Digg, hitting the front page (FP) with over half of my submissions (less than 1% of all submissions hit the Digg FP*). Things were going great.

Then, last week, the relationship seemed to abruptly end. My next eight submissions failed to make the FP. For a few of those, I wasn’t even close.

What was I doing wrong?

List of Sites Preventing DiggBar with a Framebuster

As an active Digg user, I’ve been paying attention to the discussion around the new DiggBar and it’s pros and cons (see the bottom of this post for articles of reference). I find that DiggBar makes voting on Digg submissions more convenient, but I certainly understand some of the arguments against it.

Since I’ve been using the DiggBar regularly for the past week or so, when a site is using Framebuster or Frame Killer code to disable it, it sometimes can throw me off (particularly if I closed the browser window with the original Digg submission).

A List of Sites Preventing DiggBar with a Framebuster

Cape Cod Twitterers: 70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod

With millions of users and over 3 million visits per month (according to, Twitter has rapidly grown from a niche service into a mainstream online application for communication, branding and networking.


70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod & The Islands
In the spirit of recently published Twitter user lists including everything from prominent members & brands to online marketers and even home builders, here is a list of Twitter profiles in and around Cape Cod and the Islands.

9 Free Resources for Learning Search Engine Optimization

There’s no shortage of resources for learning about SEO. From books to blogs to conferences to articles, the list is endless. The challenge for business owners new to SEO is where to go and what to read first.

A Simple Reason Why You Should Participate in Social Media

As more people become active in social media communities, individuals can become influencers in the space. Even if your company is not contributing to the conversations online it does not mean your customers or employees are ignoring them as well.

Consider this example on Twitter:
This past Monday, Gary Vaynerchuk – “GaryV” – of Wine Library TV had this to say about a company experience:

Twitter Update

Twittering Your Way to Social Media Unproductivity

If social media is about a new way to communicate and share online than one aspect of social media marketing is about finding the most effective methods for positioning their product or brand in this communication stream.

There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for social media, but marketers immersed in these strategies need to keep their eye on the prize, for there are many compelling and tempting reasons to lose focus.

Twitter Gone Wrong
Consider this (edited) example from a recent conversation observed on Twitter from a marketing colleague of mine:

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