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To Consult or Not To Consult, That is the SEO Question

If you are reading the SEO blogs in recent months (or at least some of the ones that I read), a hotly debated topic (an SEO challenge if you will) has been brought to the table by many well-known SEO’s in the industry. The subject is in why “SEO Experts” work as SEO Consultants versus optimizing and developing their own revenue generating website properties? In my opinion, there are three underlying issues that bring this subject together:

  • What drives individuals to pursue a career as a Search Engine Optimization (Marketing) Consultant?
  • Is the SEO Consulting model a model that can provide sustainability for an SEO Expert?

Why Keep Creating Content for Search Rankings?

If your existing website content strategy is based on a 5-page brochure copied from marketing collateral printed in 1997, you may have difficulty achieving long-term website visibility in organic search engine rankings. A reputable SEO consultant should consistently be recommending new content development for your search engine optimization strategy. This post breaks down thoughts on why traditional website content development is so important to your small business search engine optimization strategy.

For those that have a limited time:
Essentially, the reason SEO’s recommend content development boils down to the fact that links improve search rankings and quality content is the best way to obtain quality links. If you want more detail, you may want to read further.

Prequel to the SEO Playbook – What To Do Before You Take The Red Pill

Over the past month, I’ve been having conversations with a few successful entrepreneurs in their own right, that have yet to make the jump to creating a complete website experience with search engine marketing as a core component of traffic and lead generation. They understand the importance of being visible in search engines – both through PPC and organic search results – and realize that there is a time commitment and a financial investment. I had been building a list of “must-read” website resources, so that these folks, and other small business owners, can get have their own initial dossier of web design, development and search engine marketing knowledge to apply in their own business environments.

Yahoo Answers To Your Small Business Online Strategy

Understandably. there are precious few opportunities for the small business owner to actually take some time in the day to catch up on the news, email, industry information etc. With the online landscape shifting to a much more collaborative and community-based environment, there are opportunities waiting online for the small business owner to get their message out to individuals and groups interested in the expertise, knowledge and competitive value. Search Engine Land recently had an article on 7 ways to improve your search visibility through social media. Chief amongst them was an often overlooked avenue for potential lead generation and communication with people online that already have a definitive interest in what you are selling/what you are in business for: Yahoo Answers.

How To Get Top Rankings in Google Without Investing in Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing Google Maps, Google’s local search technology, can enable your small business to appear in the local business information that now may be found in traditional search engine results.

Your top competition has spent years improving their website presence, creating compelling content and building inbound links, all done to make certain that they rank well in Google for their strategic keywords. Everywhere you have looked in Google’s results, for the past few years, you’ve seen them appearing in the top 1 – 3 spots in Google search results, and couldn’t figure out how they got there. Then one day, Google started experimenting with integrating their vertical search engine technologies into traditional search results, and the game changed completely. You no longer have just website-specific results when entering a search term. There are product listings, news alerts and (what we’ll talk about in this post) local business information.

Why Michael Gray Hates SEO Bloggers

Michael Gray recently published a video requesting that SEO bloggers step away from their keyboards and discontinue their posts if they cannot find something of original value to write and instead regurgitate a string of already known pieces of information or updates found on the already widely known websites such Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Marketing Pilgrim, Threadwatch and others.

Does Professional Web Design Matter For SEO?

I often get asked the question or whether a professionally designed, robust website design will have a positive impact on search engine optimization. This is a fairly loaded question with no clear cut answer, but here are some factors that should be considered when factoring SEO into professional web design.

What is Your Definition of “Professional Web Design”?
Everything involved in this answer can be found as subjective but there are design-related issues that will help your SEO efforts as well as design techniques that have minimal immediate impact.

Positive SEO-Related Design Factors

Beginner PPC Information and Misconceptions

After a couple discussions with small business owners over the last week or so, it is definitely apparent that there are still a lot of misconceptions on PPC – search engine paid advertising – out there. So without further ado, here are some things to think about when managing your PPC budgets.

If you are new to PPC in general and want to learn more, here is a great resource on PPC, terms and definitions, background and everything you would want to know on the subject to get you started.

Promote Your Cape Cod Website

If you are launching a new website on or about Cape Cod, or have a Cape Cod website that you would like to get publicity for, please send me your articles, press releases etc, or a website and company description. I am starting a dedicated section designed to highlight the the businesses, organizations and information found online on the Cape.

Pictures and photos are definitely encouraged, as well as relevant business information (links to directions, restaurant menus, etc). However, please note that not all submissions may be approved, and they must be related to Cape Cod and the Islands.

Page Tagging – Understated or Overrated?

In recent months, there has been a good deal of discussion related to basic SEO practices. In my opinion, part of the reason for the recent revival of basic SEO is because our strategies and practices have taken a variety of paths, specializations and tactical decisions. SEO can now combine strategies within technical web development, copywriting, public relations and general marketing strategy. I would argue that SEO should be a component of the complete, integrated marketing communication strategy.

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