Keyword Research

Search Behavior Related to Cape Cod Specific Keywords

For the most part, there are two areas of concentration that represent the highest percentage of reasons that people search for Cape Cod-specific information:

  • Cape Cod Vacation or Travel Information, especially lodging and accommodations
  • Cape Cod Real Estate (including rentals and travel-specific information)

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce provides data on travel information and other interesting visitor statistics. Over 4.5 million people visited the Cape Cod National Seashore in 2006, spending in excess of $16 million dollars for hotels and lodging. Nearly 75% of that volume happens between June and September, the lifeblood of revenue for many full-time Cape Cod residents.

Perceived SEO Success from Low Hanging Fruit

I want to demonstrate two important SEO observations in this post and one not-so-important announcement to everyone but me:

  • It takes time to achieve SEO success. The more competitive the keywords, the greater the length of time required when trying to achieve success. Be wary of SEO vendors promising quick results for competitive keywords.
  • Know the competitive nature of the keywords you are working towards. Be careful if your SEO vendor (who is promising quick results of course) starts showing you higher rankings for “low hanging fruit”. That means keywords that are not very competitive and likely drive little search traffic, even when you are visible near the top.

How Valuable Are Organic Keyword Rankings?

I was speaking to a friend of mine who owns a regional limousine company the other evening and I was telling him how difficult it is for small businesses, in general to “get the value” of search engine optimization. Of course, I’ve helped him extensively with his website, but we often barter services and since I’ve known him for over 10 years now, we’ve both seen a lot of ups and downs in our financial lives, so I don’t really charge him what I would charge for a normal SEO engagement. When I told him the costs of of what many professional SEO’s charge for a traditional engagement, he was rather stunned.

An Analysis of the Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast PPC Market – Regional and Local Optimization

Integrating Search Marketing Into Your Small Business PPC Campaigns
One of the best travel-related lodging opportunities of Cape Cod is the abundance of bed and breakfasts all over the region. That also means that there is tremendous competition from both a regional and town-specific perspective. Even now, in the slow season of travel to Cape Cod, there are over 35 advertisers bidding to be seen when a user searches “Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast” in Google paying an average of $2.60 per click. The top advertisers are paying nearly $5/click to appear at the top. Google projects that advertisers will receive a conservative 2 to 3 clicks per day on effective ads, meaning advertisers will spend at least $5 to $15/day for their advertisements.

Pros & Cons of Four Keyword Research Tools

A core competency in search engine marketing is understanding what keywords will bring the most quality traffic to your website and what keywords end up resonating with your audience. In addition to the strategies we use for determining this, there are tools available for any website owner or manager that assist in determining if the keywords desired are more competitive and what projected search volumes will be.

This post offers some pros and cons on four keyword research tools that I have had the experience of using: