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The Future of Cape Cod SEO is in KoMarketing Associates

Working in the search engine marketing industry is an awesome experience. My personal journey has taken me from a hobby, to small business site development, to SEO consulting, and directing the search engine marketing strategies for organizations large and small.
KoMarketing Associates
In 2011 I’m taking another leap,

Rumors of Cape Cod SEO’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

There has not been a post here since February. Kudos if my blog is still in your RSS reader. I owe you better and it is not because I have given up blogging (here and in general). 2010 has been incredibly busy and the writing I have done has taken me to other locations.

Change is in the wind. This post serves simply as a way to let the few still on-board there are pretty big things on the horizon. I am looking forward to sharing them when the time is right, and that will be very soon. More to come…

Top 10 Most Influential Blog Posts for 2009

While 2009 was a tumultuous year for many, I look back at 2009 as a year of considerable success and growth. Even though last year had its own significant challenges and losses, they stood only to accentuate the high points and achievements.

I spent less time blogging in 2009, continuing a trend from the year before. I cut RSS subscriptions, funneling information through social media channels instead. Professional commitments, additional responsibilities, and other interests took up more of my time. But as the year moved on, professional curiosity moved back into the blogosphere and blogging in general.

How Would You Get Into Online Marketing?

I enjoy playing volleyball. Not BBQ, family reunion style but a relatively competitive style of play. A friend of mine who also plays sent me an email, asking how an “outsider” might be able to break into the marketing and/or advertising world.

The subject line of his email read: “You Spike Like a Girl”

Would Someone From Google PR Notice Me PLEASE!!!

Pulling Out All The Stops…

10 New Years’ Resolutions for Cape Cod SEO

In no particular order – but so there is a recorded history for reference purposes at the end of 2008:

Thanks for the Influence – You Are Very Much Appreciated

Nice to be on Jason Falls‘ blog radar as it relates to Kami Hyuse’s “Thanks for the Influence” meme. I’ve been tagged and am genuinely appreciative (heck, I got tagged with some pretty cool people – Chris Brogan, Valeria Maltoni, Todd Earwood, Nick Huhn – RSS subscriptions have been added). I’ve already started thinking about end-of-year blog post ideas (want to get a jump on it before everyone else) and this is a great way to begin that trend.

Kami Hyuse asks the original question:

“Who had a big influence on you and how did that affect the direction of your life or career?“

What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Becoming an SEO Consultant

Miles Price from Search Engine Journal wrote a great article listing 10 tips for making it in the SEO community. It’s humorous, full of good SEO resources and pulls together tips and ideas for making a name for yourself in the SEO world. While aspiring to become an SEO guru, making the big money and getting your links on Search Engine Land regularly has to be on the mind of every SEO at some point, there is a lot more to the business than most people let on.

No One Will Know You’re a Leader If You Don’t Start Telling People

If you take a course in “Leadership”, you’ll have a round table discussion on the qualities of a “leader” and it’s highly unlikely that “self-promotion” and “personal marketing plan” will be traits that get brought up. But the context of most traditional leadership discussions are in relation to a immediate, micro-environment that you are working within or traditional, offline spheres of influence.

Photos From Our Trip to Newport, Rhode Island

I’d been hesitant to incorporate non-professional material into this website, but I’ve since changed my mind. Hopefully some of these kinds of entries will add to a more positive experience when visitors read entries on Cape Cod SEO. Your feedback and comments are appreciated.

Photographs taken from our trip to Newport, Rhode Island – Memorial Day weekend. I’m waiting for my Flickr account to be approved from Yahoo, so I hopefully will be able to upload some additional photographs soon (does anyone know how long that takes?). If you have not been there, I highly recommend it. In addition to the famous Newport mansions, there is a great downtown area with restaurants, shopping and activities.

In case it was not obvious, my wife and I enjoyed touring the mansions ;-).

Two Homes seen in distance from Cliff Walk

The Marble House

Facade at the Breakers


Facade of Chateau-sur- mer

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