SES San Jose 2009: Thanks for the Fantastic Experience

San Jose

When Marty Weintraub asked if I wanted to cover SES San Jose as a live blogger for aimClear, the only answer that made sense was to [emphatically] say “YES”. San Jose, the largest search engine marketing conference in the business, and scores of talented people to learn from and network with was an opportunity not to be missed.

In the end, I found out was just how challenging and rewarding live blogging can be.

Notes From SES NY: Retailers Forum and Q&A

Late Thursday afternoon I stumbled unto the Retailers’ Forum – a question and answer-like session which included speakers specifically related to the Retail Industry (and e-commerce). I decided to head to the session based on the fact that getting some advice and interaction from successful online retailers could be more beneficial to the small B2C business, especially some of those found on Cape Cod.

Moderated by Allan Dick of Vintage Tub & Bath, the Retailer Forum featured a group of online retailers, with a wide decent range of product offerings and company sizes. I was slightly disappointed that all four independent retailers were mostly related to the retail home and home furnishings industry, but they all were involved in the questions and answers asked, and provided good depth of information in their answers.

Notes From SES NY: Video Search Engine Optimization Tips

Video content has become increasingly popular in the last year, highlighted by the popularity of video search engines like YouTube and Yahoo Video. Each of the panelists at the first session on Tuesday offered great collaborative information on Video Search Engine Optimization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make certain to accurately and effectively include the appropriate metadata (Titles, Tags etc) when describing your video content.
  • If you are hosting your video on your own website, make certain to use an HTML template around your video(s), so that you can take advantage of traditional SEO related strategies for content and keyword relevance. I am pretty certain someone recommended the inclusion of teaser descriptive text so that the visitor knows a bit about what they are going to view as well.