8 Essential Tools for the Aspiring Digg Power User

With over 40 million unique visitors per month (according to Compete.com) Digg is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Getting an article on the Digg home page can send tens of thousands of unique visitors and generate hundreds of back links.


Digg Broke Up With Me Last Week, But Now We’re Working Things Out

Getting Back Together
A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a nice relationship with Digg, hitting the front page (FP) with over half of my submissions (less than 1% of all submissions hit the Digg FP*). Things were going great.

Then, last week, the relationship seemed to abruptly end. My next eight submissions failed to make the FP. For a few of those, I wasn’t even close.

What was I doing wrong?

List of Sites Preventing DiggBar with a Framebuster

As an active Digg user, I’ve been paying attention to the discussion around the new DiggBar and it’s pros and cons (see the bottom of this post for articles of reference). I find that DiggBar makes voting on Digg submissions more convenient, but I certainly understand some of the arguments against it.

Since I’ve been using the DiggBar regularly for the past week or so, when a site is using Framebuster or Frame Killer code to disable it, it sometimes can throw me off (particularly if I closed the browser window with the original Digg submission).

A List of Sites Preventing DiggBar with a Framebuster

Do You Have What it Takes to Make the Digg Home Page?

Approximately every 10 minutes, a new article makes the Digg home page (front page or Digg FP). In the highest traffic hours, more than 10 new articles are submitted to Digg every minute. How will your submissions stand out from the rest?


The Impact of Digg on Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Yesterday, the folks at Pronet Advertising, long known for the expertise in social media marketing asked the question: “How Do You Get Your Diggs?“. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of savvy ways that website owners can gather Diggs (for submissions made of their website content) but a question asked by many small business owners (unfamiliar with social media) is “why this service should matter from an SEO perspective?”. Let’s take a look at 5 of the top stories on today’s Digg Home Page to understand how the “Digg Effect” can be valuable for search engine optimization.