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How To Get Top Rankings in Google Without Investing in Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing Google Maps, Google’s local search technology, can enable your small business to appear in the local business information that now may be found in traditional search engine results.

Your top competition has spent years improving their website presence, creating compelling content and building inbound links, all done to make certain that they rank well in Google for their strategic keywords. Everywhere you have looked in Google’s results, for the past few years, you’ve seen them appearing in the top 1 – 3 spots in Google search results, and couldn’t figure out how they got there. Then one day, Google started experimenting with integrating their vertical search engine technologies into traditional search results, and the game changed completely. You no longer have just website-specific results when entering a search term. There are product listings, news alerts and (what we’ll talk about in this post) local business information.

Search Behavior Related to Cape Cod Specific Keywords

For the most part, there are two areas of concentration that represent the highest percentage of reasons that people search for Cape Cod-specific information:

  • Cape Cod Vacation or Travel Information, especially lodging and accommodations
  • Cape Cod Real Estate (including rentals and travel-specific information)

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce provides data on travel information and other interesting visitor statistics. Over 4.5 million people visited the Cape Cod National Seashore in 2006, spending in excess of $16 million dollars for hotels and lodging. Nearly 75% of that volume happens between June and September, the lifeblood of revenue for many full-time Cape Cod residents.

Abbicci Restaurant in Yarmouth Port

It had been at least a year or more since we were had gone to Abbicci Mediterranean Bistro so we were pleasantly surprised to find a completely redesigned and redecorated establishment.

Abbicci Restaurant has a very nice, clean atmosphere with great food and wine. If you are with a group, I would recommend taking a look at their Tapas menu first, as you can find a wide selection of appetizer, including Tiger Shrimp, Seafood Meatballs and Fried Jumbo Asparagus. My wife and I went by ourselves, so we chose the 3 Item Special, which gives you a smaller portions of three selections at a reduced cost (they also have an option for selecting five different items, which given the choices, we should have taken – next time!).

Sushi on Cape Cod – Inaho Restaurant

When looking for a place to eat Sushi on Cape Cod, look no further than the Inaho Restaurant, located in Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod. Offering a wide variety of sushi, including Nigiri (fish on top) and Maki (roll), as well as hand rolls, specials and an array of fully cooked dinners (including Teriyaki and Tempura dinners) and combinations, Inaho is a great place to go with family, a group of friends, or solo. Their sushi bar accommodates a large number of patrons and if you are sitting with a group of 2 to 6, I recommend trying to get a seat in that area, as you are away from most of the louder conversation in the main dining area out front.

A Complete List of Cape Cod Schools & Cape Cod School Information

A complete list of schools on Cape Cod in Barnstable County. An image map which allows you to search by county can be found on the Massachusetts Department of Education website.


  • Special Education School
    • Southeast Alternative School-Hyannis – Hyannis
  • Public School District
    • Barnstable – Hyannis
  • Public School
    • Barnstable Early Learning Center – Hyannis
    • Barnstable High – Hyannis
    • Barnstable Middle School – Hyannis
    • Centerville Elementary – Centerville
    • Cotuit Elem – Cotuit
    • Hyannis Elementary – Hyannis
    • Hyannis West Elementary – Hyannis
    • Marstons Mills Elem – Marstons Mills

Story Behind The Photograph

Taken in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

The photograph I chose for most of my profile contributions actually was taken in Providenciales, located in the Turks and Caicos Islands when my wife and I were on our honeymoon. It’s not a photograph on Cape Cod, but an ocean photograph nonetheless. My wife took it when we stopped at Turtle Cove to get one last look at the ocean and the beach.

Perceived SEO Success from Low Hanging Fruit

I want to demonstrate two important SEO observations in this post and one not-so-important announcement to everyone but me:

  • It takes time to achieve SEO success. The more competitive the keywords, the greater the length of time required when trying to achieve success. Be wary of SEO vendors promising quick results for competitive keywords.
  • Know the competitive nature of the keywords you are working towards. Be careful if your SEO vendor (who is promising quick results of course) starts showing you higher rankings for “low hanging fruit”. That means keywords that are not very competitive and likely drive little search traffic, even when you are visible near the top.

Promote Your Cape Cod Website

If you are launching a new website on or about Cape Cod, or have a Cape Cod website that you would like to get publicity for, please send me your articles, press releases etc, or a website and company description. I am starting a dedicated section designed to highlight the the businesses, organizations and information found online on the Cape.

Pictures and photos are definitely encouraged, as well as relevant business information (links to directions, restaurant menus, etc). However, please note that not all submissions may be approved, and they must be related to Cape Cod and the Islands.

Six Great Photos of Ocean Sunsets and Views on Cape Cod

One of the reasons to be on Cape Cod is, of course, the love of the ocean. It’s easy to find yourself sitting at Skaket Beach, enjoying a quiet lunch with the sound of the ocean by your side. In addition, being able to find the time to enjoy watching a sunset or sunrise on the ocean is a pleasant escape from the pulls and tugs of the everyday rat race.

Here are six great photographs of ocean views and sunsets from different areas of Cape Cod.

An Analysis of the Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast PPC Market – Regional and Local Optimization

Integrating Search Marketing Into Your Small Business PPC Campaigns
One of the best travel-related lodging opportunities of Cape Cod is the abundance of bed and breakfasts all over the region. That also means that there is tremendous competition from both a regional and town-specific perspective. Even now, in the slow season of travel to Cape Cod, there are over 35 advertisers bidding to be seen when a user searches “Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast” in Google paying an average of $2.60 per click. The top advertisers are paying nearly $5/click to appear at the top. Google projects that advertisers will receive a conservative 2 to 3 clicks per day on effective ads, meaning advertisers will spend at least $5 to $15/day for their advertisements.

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