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Cape Cod Twitterers: 70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod

With millions of users and over 3 million visits per month (according to, Twitter has rapidly grown from a niche service into a mainstream online application for communication, branding and networking.


70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod & The Islands
In the spirit of recently published Twitter user lists including everything from prominent members & brands to online marketers and even home builders, here is a list of Twitter profiles in and around Cape Cod and the Islands.

Recommendations for Cape Cod Businesses Assessing Their Search Marketing Strategy This Offseason

With the holiday weekend past us, dogs are once again allowed on Nauset Beach and most of the seasonal businesses on Cape Cod are assessing the success (or failure) of another tourist season on the Cape. Late fall and winter probably will get filled up with the obligations we’ve missed or delayed, preparation for the holidays and some time for business development. In addition to everything you’ll be doing offline, here are some recommendations for what you can do online, as it relates to the building your search engine marketing success for the Summer of 2008.

20 Reasons To Visit Cape Cod This Summer

With the holiday weekend just passed and the summer season swinging into gear, here are 20 reasons why you should consider vacationing on Cape Cod this summer.

  • No More Rotary At The Sagamore Bridge
    Okay, leaving Cape Cod over the Memorial Day weekend was a bit difficult, but I believe traffic congestion will improve going forward, once people get more familiar with the construction (or deconstruction).
  • Cape Cod Beaches
    Is there really a better reason? Check out Cape Cod Travel’s 2007 Cape Cod Beach Guide for information on beaches in the town you’ll be staying at.

Photos From Our Trip to Newport, Rhode Island

I’d been hesitant to incorporate non-professional material into this website, but I’ve since changed my mind. Hopefully some of these kinds of entries will add to a more positive experience when visitors read entries on Cape Cod SEO. Your feedback and comments are appreciated.

Photographs taken from our trip to Newport, Rhode Island – Memorial Day weekend. I’m waiting for my Flickr account to be approved from Yahoo, so I hopefully will be able to upload some additional photographs soon (does anyone know how long that takes?). If you have not been there, I highly recommend it. In addition to the famous Newport mansions, there is a great downtown area with restaurants, shopping and activities.

In case it was not obvious, my wife and I enjoyed touring the mansions ;-).

Two Homes seen in distance from Cliff Walk

The Marble House

Facade at the Breakers


Facade of Chateau-sur- mer

Danger Zones: Five Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations

Your in-laws are not on this list. Also excluded are the obvious places where Americans just aren’t welcome, like Iraq and North Korea. And the potential for an accidental faceplant while body boarding on Nauset Beach doesn’t count either. But if a vacation is not a vacation unless you’ve had a few Fear Factor moments, and living to tell the tale is half the fun of coming home, you might want to keep reading. The following is a short list of the some of the most dangerous places in the world to take a vacation.

Cape Cod Homeowners Insurance Forum

I’m not a homeowner on Cape Cod, but am looking at purchasing a home this year and have friends and family that own homes across the Mid to Lower Cape Cod areas. One key concern has been the issue of finding affordable home insurance rates in the area. From a renter’s perspective, while rates have not increased tremendously, I have had to rewrite my insurance policy twice in the past 18 months.

Notes From SES NY: Retailers Forum and Q&A

Late Thursday afternoon I stumbled unto the Retailers’ Forum – a question and answer-like session which included speakers specifically related to the Retail Industry (and e-commerce). I decided to head to the session based on the fact that getting some advice and interaction from successful online retailers could be more beneficial to the small B2C business, especially some of those found on Cape Cod.

Moderated by Allan Dick of Vintage Tub & Bath, the Retailer Forum featured a group of online retailers, with a wide decent range of product offerings and company sizes. I was slightly disappointed that all four independent retailers were mostly related to the retail home and home furnishings industry, but they all were involved in the questions and answers asked, and provided good depth of information in their answers.

Yahoo Answers To Your Small Business Online Strategy

Understandably. there are precious few opportunities for the small business owner to actually take some time in the day to catch up on the news, email, industry information etc. With the online landscape shifting to a much more collaborative and community-based environment, there are opportunities waiting online for the small business owner to get their message out to individuals and groups interested in the expertise, knowledge and competitive value. Search Engine Land recently had an article on 7 ways to improve your search visibility through social media. Chief amongst them was an often overlooked avenue for potential lead generation and communication with people online that already have a definitive interest in what you are selling/what you are in business for: Yahoo Answers.

About Cape Cod – History, Geography and General Information

‘The Cape’ – Cape Cod, located in eastern Massachusetts – is among New England’s favorite summer vacation destinations and it thrives on tourism, beautiful ocean beaches and small unique businesses and individuals. Vacationers come to lose themselves amongst endless miles of windswept seashore.

There is real New England beauty in the Cape’s dune-studded landscapes cloaked in scrub oak and pine, in its fine stands of tall sea grass, and further inshore in its cranberry bogs, its forests of birch and beech, its meadows and marshlands.

Nauset Beach

Double Dragon Inn in Orleans

A casual atmosphere, inexpensive food and friendly service await you when dining at the Double Dragon Inn in Orleans, MA. The Double Dragon Inn offers a full Chinese and Polynesian menu with all of the usual menu items, as well as combination dinners and lunches, and a wide assortment of drink specials. The restaurant overlooks the Orleans Town Cove, offering a nice waterfront view from most tables as well. I’ve pretty much become a regular there, as a direct result of the friendly staff, their willingness to provide excellent service and the overall speed of orders, whether dining in or taking out.

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