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It’s Not About Me, It’s Really About You

And when I say “you”, I really mean anyone out there using the Internet to find some piece of information that they find valuable. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had conversations with a couple respected social media experts over the past few weeks, and while we were specifically talking about different web applications and their value as a marketing communication vehicle, both eluded to one key point:

Real success in social media is about valuable contribution.

5 SEO-Related Blogs & Resources To Read and Why I Would Recommend Them

I had the opportunity to stop into the monthly meeting for the Cambridge SEO Meetup Group the other night and had an excellent time talking to other search engine marketing professionals, small business owners and folks generally interested in how SEO can become a component of their online marketing strategy. Among the questions and discussions brought up was the question on “what websites do you go to obtain search engine related information and resources?“. We ran out of time last night to really open that question up for discussion, so I thought I would provide my answer through this post.

Two Easy-to-Use Tools For Creating Social Bookmarking Links and Icons

It almost seems like the most popular blogs are “too cool” to include social bookmarking widgets on their websites, but I still like playing around with all of the different tools and plugins that are out there for blog authors and webmasters. In the never ending search for interesting widgets, here are two easy-to-use tools for creating social bookmarking links. – Sociable WordPress Plugin offers a plugin specific to WordPress blogs that allows the author to add social bookmarking link icons to all of their posts, pages and resources. The best part about it is that there is almost zero need for coding experience or HTML knowledge.

How Add “Bookmark to” Links to Your Pages is a popular social bookmarking website were people can save, tag and organize their favorite web pages and websites. Often times, you will find hyperlinks on blog posts and web pages that provide linking functionality for readers to bookmark the information right to their account. This posts highlights two ways to add links in WordPress as well as additional resources for TypePad, WordPress Plugins and more in-depth information and functionality.

Here is a simple piece of JavaScript that I use for my individual posts and pages:

  • <a href="javascript:location.href=’’
    +encodeURIComponent(document.title)+’ ‘">

Filtering Through the Information Barrage

With over 100 RSS subscriptions in my Bloglines account (and a personal goal of expanding that list through April to include very intelligent and interesting bloggers in various related and unrelated verticals in search engine marketing) it’s easy to get simply overwhelmed with the amount of information being presented. Add to the mix traditional news media – online and offline, forums, community boards and email newsletters, and you can easily spend your 40 hour work week simply making an attempt to absorb new information.


Why Michael Gray Hates SEO Bloggers

Michael Gray recently published a video requesting that SEO bloggers step away from their keyboards and discontinue their posts if they cannot find something of original value to write and instead regurgitate a string of already known pieces of information or updates found on the already widely known websites such Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Marketing Pilgrim, Threadwatch and others.

Tips For Getting Out of The Google Supplemental Results

Approximately 45 days into this blog launch, I am now faced with the challenge of getting out of Google’s supplemental index. I have to confess that the first month or so, the largest effort has been in creating (what I perceive to be) quality content around small business search engine optimization, search marketing, and Cape Cod related information and to that extent, traditional SEO efforts have taken a bit of a backseat. (The fact that I work full time at KoMarketing Associates, also seems to impact the extra activities as well :-)).

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