Cape Cod Twitterers: 70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod

With millions of users and over 3 million visits per month (according to, Twitter has rapidly grown from a niche service into a mainstream online application for communication, branding and networking.


70+ Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod & The Islands
In the spirit of recently published Twitter user lists including everything from prominent members & brands to online marketers and even home builders, here is a list of Twitter profiles in and around Cape Cod and the Islands.

I’m sure this list is not comprehensive, so if you or someone you know is missing, please feel free to add them via comments below, @reply me through Twitter or simply send a message. I hope you find the list valuable and are able to connect with some interesting people!

UPDATE 1/27/2010: Now that Twitter has developed their own list functions, make sure to check out the Cape Cod Twitter list, which will be the most convenient way to follow people and organizations on Cape Cod. I’m not really updating this list as regularly, so feel free to @reply me with your information.


UPDATE 10/24/2009: I created a new list on TweepML based on this post. Make sure to check it out and let me know who I am missing.

Twitter Profiles on Cape Cod (organized alphabetically by profile name)

  • ABabyCenter Kate O’connell (ABabyCenter)
    Bio:To aid children in need who live on Cape Cod and the Islands by supplementing critical basic needs to ensure good health and safety.
  • action4ifaw action4ifaw (action4ifaw)
    Bio: Helping to create a better world for animals and people
  • Amandablum amandablum (Amandablum)
    Bio: The Suck Stops Here PR, Marketing & Design for Small Businesses & Non Profits
  • AskCarrieLee AskCarrieLee (AskCarrieLee)
    Bio: Internet geek, Tweet Twit, Youtube Partner, Vlogger, Blogger, Daily commuter to ACK. Let’s be buds. :)
  • atbar @bar (atbar)
    Bio: Read, Listen to our writings and ramblings about tech and business
  • baublegarden Angela Tanner (baublegarden)
    Bio: I am a landscape architect and the owner of a small crafts business
  • bethdunn bethdunn (bethdunn)
    Bio: Specialist in the social media & branding adventures of cultural organizations & other nonprofits. Simmons MBA ’09.
  • bobstaake bobstaake (bobstaake)
    Bio: I’m and illustrator, a writer and a baker of chocolate chip cookies
  • bs2sense bs2sense (bs2sense)
  • CapeCard Andrew Newman (CapeCard)
    Bio: designer, illustrator, photographer, tubist, trombonist, shellfisherman
  • capecodjewel Linda Stranger (capecodjewel)
    Bio: I’m a wife, mom, foster parent, lunatic, Synergy WorldWide distributor, Zrii IE, The Sample Bag Ma Manager and cat lover. :)
  • CapeCodRealtor CapeCodRealtor (CapeCodRealtor)
  • capecodtimes Cape Cod Times (capecodtimes)
    Bio: News updates from Cape Cod Times/Cape Cod Online, the one-stop source for everything Cape Cod
  • capeKO71 capeKO71 (capeKO71)
    Bio: Mom, carseat tech, limb lengthening
  • Chad28 Chad28 (Chad28)
    Bio: PSN – robitrock (inside joke, lol)
  • ChilmarkD Eileen Foster (ChilmarkD)
    Bio: Accessible Web Development, Deaf/HI, documentary films, tiny cottage, two kids, and a Sweet Guy.
  • chrisobs13 Chris Obrien (chrisobs13)
    Bio: Design + Graphics Studio
  • coollibrarian jessica (coollibrarian)
    Bio: Cool Librarian
  • curiositykeeper curiositykeeper (curiositykeeper)
    Bio: special collections librarian, mom, concerned eater
  • dchurbuck David Churbuck (dchurbuck)
    Bio: VP Web Marketing, Lenovo
  • DerekEdmond Derek Edmond (DerekEdmond)
    Bio: Director of SEM at KoMarketing Associates. I write at KoMarketing and Cape Cod SEO. Feel free to connect and say hello anytime!
  • dfravel Dave Fravel (dfravel)
    Bio: Husband and Father living on the Cape, running marathons and developing software for a living
  • digitalteacup digitalteacup (digitalteacup)
  • DineArdeo DineArdeo (DineArdeo)
    Bio: Mediterranean Taverna – dine in, take out, catering
  • dschn dschn (dschn)
    Bio: Web Developer
  • dvsjr dvsjr (dvsjr)
    Bio: Mild mannered IT director for a great metropolitan design firm. Former Mac Genius, settling into role of village idiot. Lives on Cape Cod. Works in Cambridge.
  • elibates Elizabeth Dunn (elibates)
    Bio: Technology advocate for arts nonprofits and artists.
  • emilyblodgett Emily Blodgett (emilyblodgett)
    Bio: so what if i’m a sinner?
  • fafnir Drake P (fafnir)
    Bio: Guerrilla Haiku Enthusiast Seeks Attention
  • fenwayart Loretta Feeney (fenwayart)
    Bio: artist, writer,Red Sox fan
  • FitnessRocks Monte Ladner (FitnessRocks)
    Bio: Host of the Fitness Rocks Podcast –
  • flargh Peter Cohen (flargh)
    Bio: Senior editor, Macworld. News writer, resident game guy. Curmudgeon. Cape Codder, father of three, anime fan.
  • Genevangelist Leslie Fishlock (Genevangelist)
    Bio: Ruby on Rails Development Firm, Internet Marketing Evangelist, Marketing Diva and all around good person
  • Genevate Chris Corriveau (Genevate)
    Bio: Ruby on Rails Code Monkey. DesignFTP creator
  • gmsheehan gmsheehan (gmsheehan)
    Bio: CEO Cape Medical Supply, MBA, committed community leader, husband, father, athlete, survivor, fundraiser
  • GrantSanders Grant Sanders (GrantSanders)
    Bio: Born, grew up, sort of, not dead yet.
  • jack_daniel Jack Daniel (jack_daniel)
    Bio: Sporadic blogger, Tech Community Activist, InfoSec Curmudgeon, Amateur Blacksmith, and stuff.
  • jcbouvier Jean Claude Bouvier (jcbouvier)
    Bio: American Mutt.
  • jimhill Jim Hill (jimhill)
    Bio: Designer/Writer/Mojovator
  • JohnMelanson John Melanson (JohnMelanson)
    Bio: Check out the site to really find out who I am.
  • KarenBillard Karen Billard (KarenBillard)
    Bio: Designer – costumes, beadwork, web sites
  • kathyschrock Kathy Schrock (kathyschrock)
    Bio: District Tech Administrator, DEN Star, Adobe Ed Leader, Google Certifed Teacher, & Webqueen
  • lcarillo lcarrillo (lcarillo)
    Bio: Research Director following tech & organization trends/strategies, personal trainer in spare time 😉
  • lisajorudy lisajorudy (lisajorudy)
    Bio: write! Find my autism writing at, my homeschool blog at
  • lizajuse lizajuse (lizajuse)
    Bio: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
  • maryrichmond MaryRichmond (maryrichmond)
    Bio: Free lance artist, writer and naturalist lucky enough to be self supporting by mixing it all up.
  • milocaruso milocaruso (milocaruso)
    Bio: Artist & Geek Rolled Into One
  • Nantucket_Art Nantucket Artist (Nantucket_Art)
    Bio: News and blogging from the Art Community of Nantucket Island
  • nantucketisland Nantucket Island (nantucketisland)
    Bio: Salty, Whaling, History! Ask us questions or make recommendation here @nantucketisland.
  • NewmanDesign Andrew Newman (NewmanDesign)
    Bio: I’m a really good designer.
  • overyonder jessica melgey (overyonder)
    Bio: less-than-famous grad student who studies fish and loves an endearingly-troubled mutt.
  • panache Dave Caolo (panache)
    Bio: Blogger. Consultant. Tech maven. Say “Hi!” —
  • pattygray Patty Gray (pattygray)
    Bio: ‘ve been a writer, editor, PR exec, fundraiser, interior designer, artist, internet entrepreneur, and, now, twitterer. Alice Cosmetics is my baby.
  • pilotage Sean (pilotage)
    Bio: Living, thinking, sweating, succeeding
  • refreshcapecod refreshcapecod (refreshcapecod)
    Bio: We are Promoting Design, Technology, Usability, and Web Standards on Cape Cod
  • saltlinestudio Chris Gillis (saltlinestudio)
    Bio: Live on Cape Cod • Love Cape Cod • Partner TasteLive •Love Music & Design • Surfer • My Work Life is spent in UI/PSD/AI/CSS/XHTML/Wordpress
  • sdhedman Stacey Hedman (sdhedman)
    Bio: Experience marketing strategist at George P. Johnson. Biker, hiker, runner, photographer, sewer and dog-lover.
  • seasidedesigns Seaside Designs (seasidedesigns)
    Bio: I create coastal home accents, seaside stationery, beach jewelry and sea-themed soaps out of my studio on Cape Cod.
  • SergioB Sergio Balegno (SergioB)
    Bio: MarketingSherpa, Senior Analyst for Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing/PR
  • spires1776 spires1776 (spires1776)
    Bio: designer, composer, agorist, rothbardian, ninja gaiden fanboy, chiptune love, NES player
  • spolay Sean Polay (spolay)
    Bio: Husband of 1, father of 3 and back in the saddle developing audiences for Ottaway Newspapers. When I grow up, I hope to be a guru.
  • thecapecoder Marcia McLean (thecapecoder)
    Bio: Software developer, User Group leader, Libertarian, STEM Advisory Board member, .NETizen; “Rough seas make skillful sailors.”
  • thegardenlady C.L. Fornari (thegardenlady)
    Bio: Speaker, writer, radio host on WXTK and interested in how everything connects to everything else. Everything is connected to everything? Kinda scary, huh.
  • timeril Tim Merrill (timeril)
    Bio: I run a pixel mill, 30 miles out to sea.
  • Velma Velma Smeddling (Velma)
    Bio: Not my real name.
  • webnut1 Pat Morley (webnut1)
    Bio: I’m a Web designer and Graphic designer.
  • WLCapeCod WLCapeCod (WLCapeCod)
    Bio: is the regional web site for The Cape Codder, The Register, The Provincetown Banner, Harwich Oracle, Bourne Courier, Falmouth Bulletin, a
    Bio: The Nantucket Online Community.
  • yummygoods melissa averinos (yummygoods)
    Bio: I’m a fabric designer and shopowner, yoga -lover, color fiend, good listener, cape codder, lover of strawberry -rhubarb pie.

Additional Twitter Resources & Information
If you’re completely new to Twitter, I suggest reading Caroline Middlebrook’s Big Juicy Twitter Guide or Buzz Blogger’s Comprehensive Twitter Guide to learn more about Twitter, it’s uses, tools & techniques. And if you enjoy this post and Twitter as much as I do, I hope you follow me and say “Hello!” sometime soon :-).

Here are a few other resources for using Twitter and finding people in and around Cape Cod & the Islands:

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