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Cape Cod SEO is Derek Edmond’s personal blog about search engine optimization, social media strategies, and internet marketing.

Almost any business owner who runs a website understands the value of traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo, which each receive billions of visitors every day. Search engines help sustain a business and bring in considerable amounts of customers and prospects, based off of keywords and phrases. Quick research indicates that “cape cod” alone is searched over 1800 times each day – and that is a very conservative estimate.

But SEO as an online marketing strategy costs a company one of two things, or both: Time and/or Money – precious commodities for small business owners. That’s really true for any business owner, whether they are on Cape Cod or located in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

About Me, Derek Edmond
For more detailed information, see my professional background and experience on my LinkedIn or ZoomInfo profiles.

I started working in Internet Technology right after the “Y2K Crisis” originally as a web developer for e-billing and e-commerce websites. My technical training and experience includes standard web design and usability development, java server page programming and the extensive use of CSS, XML and DHTML. Since 2001 I have worked on over 100 website concepts using everything from Notepad to J2EE-Based CMS Systems.

I began working with SEO in early 2002 when a few friends of mine were building real estate websites and were spending tons of money (it seemed at the time at least) on Overture. The question was simple: “How do I get to appear in the natural or “organic” search results?“. I spent a lot of time reading what was online on Search Engine Watch, Webmaster World, Jimworld and Pandia, etc. Putting the information I found into practice, I spent a lot of long nights “tagging” web pages, sending out link requests, building content and testing/analyzing results.

The results and success that I have from late 2002 are still online and “reference-able” today. In late 2003 I stopped working as a full-time web developer and started working in online marketing for a major financial company in the Boston area. While I still worked on small business websites for my own personal interest, I also gained the experience of working across several business units, sales teams and technical/operational groups.

In 2005 I began working full-time as the search engine marketing manager for KoMarketing Associates, creating SEO/SEM strategies for a variety of business clients across a spectrum of industries.

Industry Experience:
I have been lucky enough to work with talented business owners in the following fields: Consulting, Real Estate, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Insurance, B2B Software and Technology, Retail and E-Commerce, Industrial Manufacturing and Computers and Computer Services.

Reference Portfolio:
My success stories to date include:

  • 86% of a strategic keyword list for a Fortune 1000 company in Top 10 rankings for Google, generating over 11,000 search referrals per month from 2005 to present.
  • Management of an e-commerce website that receives 50% of total traffic, or over 20,000 unique visitors through organic search, per month.
  • Year to Year improvement (2005 to 2006) for a B2B Technology company’s organic search traffic by 73% (comparably, their total website traffic – with PPC – only grew by 16%).
  • Integration of a product data file with over 50,000 unique records into search engines, improving traffic month-to month by nearly 33% for an Industrial Technology company.
  • A self-sustaining, organic search referral-based revenue model for 3 different, existing (and reference-able) small business websites in the industries of consulting, hospitality and travel and real estate respectively.

I hope you enjoy the information, posts and resources that you find on CapeCodSEO and look forward to your comments, suggestions and questions on the subjects of search, SEO, SEM and overall Internet Marketing Strategies.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck in your online marketing endeavors.

Derek Edmond
Cape Cod SEO – CapeCodSEO.com