A Case Study In B2B SEO Keyword Analysis

A few weeks back, Dr. Peter J. Meyers (“Dr Pete“) wrote a post on SEOmoz about the average position in the browser screen a number-one ranking in Google appears. It is an interesting piece of research, and I recommend reviewing it.

My two key takeaways were:

  • More Google-specific features, such as advertising and local results, are taking up real estate in Google search results pages.
  • Search marketers need to be looking beyond keyword visibility reports and what is actually displayed in search results for primary keyword targets.

The research was timely as it validated keyword search analysis we had performed (albeit much more manually) for a client experiencing year-over-year declines in organic search traffic for the past few months.

Read the entire post on Search Engine Land.


4 Responses to “A Case Study In B2B SEO Keyword Analysis”

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